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Most Winter Texans (winter visitors who spend the winter months in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas) would really LIKE to learn Spanish. Speaking another language, especially a living language like Spanish just enlarges your life. You will get many opportunities to hone your skills and be helped to learn Spanish by the friendly Spanish-speakers throughout the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Trying to learn Spanish from a book and old-fashioned tapes or CD's is usually frustrating. The course we recommend is the best way we know to learn Spanish.

The lessons are interactive and you can go at your own pace. These folks have made learning Spanish fun. Try the free demo on their web site and we think you'll want to order the course. It has helped many, many people learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish Locally

There are courses taught by individuals and at the libraries in the Rio Grande Valley (most notably Julieta Ford, who is a good friend of ours), but most of our residents don't learn enough Spanish until nearly the end of their stay to become moderately fluent. Making time to attend classes on a regular basis is the main reason people fail to learn Spanish during their stay here. You could learn a lot from Julieta's couse and then keep up the work with the Spanish coure we recommend.

Hablamos el español

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Ouino Spanish Course