Winter In The Magic Valley - We Don't Vegetate, We Rejuvenate

Winter in RGV

Just another typical winter sunset in paradise

Coming home from Mission Hike and Bike Trail less than ½ mile away.

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Oleander Acres RV Resort

No False Fountain of Youth. Locals Honor & Respect Age & Experience.

We don't make hokey claims to a Fountain of Youth. We don't want one. We like a place where our age and experience are honored. We found that in The Magic Valley.

We want things to do. FL and AZ have warm winter weather (though The Magic Valley beats them in comfortability). Neither compares with the bi-national culture and cultural opportunities awaiting you in The Magic Valley.

Why The Magic Valley?
In our parents' day, the Rio Grande Valley was called The Magic Valley because everything grew here like magic and because there was just something intangibly magical about this tropical tip of Texas that is a unique climatic zone - farther south than Miami and more tropical than anywhere in the USA. Some say this is still the Magic Valley because the warmth of the people and the sun-kissed palm trees lining our streets create a magic you won't find anywhere else. Don't you deserve a life like this? You worked hard to get here, now enjoy it

The Mexican town of Nuevo Progreso honors all Winter Texans with a day-long street fair where food, drinks and entertainment are free.

Things To Do Cultural Attractions & Philanthropy.

Besides dozens of nearby inexpensive golf courses, we also have a rocket launch site near Brownsville and South Padre Island, operated by SpaceX. You could watch a rocket shot into space in the morning and swim in the warm blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico the glitter like a carpet of diamonds at sunset. Or you could catch a red snapper or sailfish) in the afternoon.

Cultural Attractions
And yes, we have dances, music festivals, live music, entertainment acts from Branson, MO, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Please remember we has the Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale and world-class art museum, the IMAS, with our very own Picasso. Whew, and that ishn't all. But you get the point.

Feel Good Philanthropy
Many of us enrich our lives by volunteering at hospitals, schools, churches, food banks, museums etc. We are welcomed with open arms by the locals. Our neighbors who've been there say that's different than their experiences in AZ and FL. Locals here appreciate us for whom we are, not just what we spend.

Some of us help out in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico continuing the work of Mable Clare Proudley who started "Mabel's Free Clinic" to provide basic health services to needy people in 1988. You can read more and see pictures and find out how to volunteer at Mabel's Free Clinic website.

How often can you spend a little of your time and truly help people who have little in material goods, but a big basket of love to share with you? The littlest thing you can do for them gets you the biggest smiles and hugs you can imagine.

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