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Oleander Acres RV Resort

Chihuahua Woods Preserve

Visit the Chihuahua Woods Preserve to see what the whole Rio Grande Valley and South Texas once looked like: a unique ecosystem with an astounding variety of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. Less than five percent of the original Tamaulipan habitat remains. There are more than 100 plant species, more than 30 bird species, and rare animals like the Texas tortoise and Jaguarondi. A rustic trail meanders for a mile through 243 acres of habitat.

Natural Attractions Near Mission, Texas RV Park

NABA International Butterfly Park

The North American Butterfly Park in the Rio Grande Valley of deep South Texas is home to more than 160 species of butterflies. The outdoor park features intensive plants which attract large butterfly opportunities. Species you might see include Yellow Angled-Sulphur, Lantana Scrub - Haristreak, and Two-barred Flasher, just to name a few. The park features paths and trail ways through the gardens, a river walk along the Rio Grande River, and a unique gift shop.


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