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Oleander Acres RV Resort

Texas Butterfly Festival

For you Fall Texans (early Winter Texans), the Texas Butterfly Festival is in Mission, TX Nov. 2-5. Come on down and stay in one of our park model rentals.

Erato Heliconian butterfly feeding on leaf Mission TX
For those of you who are not butterfly specialists but who enjoy watching butterflies and nature, the Erato Heliconian or Red Postman is more commonly known as the Red Passion Flower Butterfly or the Crimson Patched Long Wing.

All kinds of butterfly plants are a big part of the landscaping at Oleander Acres RV Resort in the Rio Grande Valley.

Monarch butterly on yellow flower, Mission, TX The sighting of a Gray Cracker butterfly was the first in decades, outside Mexico and Central America. Come on down and who knows what rare butterflies you will see.

Very rare Gray Cracker Butterfly in our park.
Gray Cracker Butterfly

Rare Erato Heliconian & Rarer Gray Cracker Butterflies Sighted at RV Resort, Mission, TX! 3 New Butterfly Gardens Added.

Before the Cracker, we saw an Erato Heliconian butterfly at Oleander Acres RV Resort. This butterfly, the Erato Heliconian is a pretty rare sight, even for the butterfly capitol of South Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Almost as rare Erato Heliconian Butterfly is a Winter Texan at our park.

; Erato Heliconian butterfly full wings big Oleander Acres RV Resort, Mission TX

The Erato
Heliconian Butterfly is local to the rain forest of Costa Rica but can be found in the rich biodiversity of the Rio Grande Valley during the summer. The Erato Heliconian is key to the ecosystem and is one of the few butterflies that collects and digests pollen. The Shrimp Plant and Mexican Honeysuckle are indigenous plants that butterflies flock to.

Oleander Acres RV Resort owner Ed Welliver and his daughter Salome have sharp eyes! Of course we knew that Ed, a former fighter pilot with the USAF doesn't miss a thing. Sharp eyes must run in the family at this family-run RV park.

They are both avid bird and butterfly watchers. At Oleander Acres, there are plenty of wild birds and butterflies attracted to the native plants that are so lovingly grown there.

We have added three new butterfly gardens to the landscape at Oleander Acres RV Resort.
Butterfly garden Oleander Acres

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