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Oleander Acres RV Resort

Nature Videos of Rio Grande Valley of Texas

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas has a semi-tropical climate and is winter home to thousands of species of birds and butterflies. Rare birds can be found here on a regular basis.

The flora is deliciously sub-tropical including oranges and other citrus fruit from your own tress to cacti that bloom to welcome you as you enter the park.

And Video Library of Oleander Acres RV Resort, Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Oleander Acres RV Resort offers a suprising amount of nature viewing and communing inside the park. Because the owners of Oleander Acres care about nature conservation, inside the park are butterfly gardens, native tropical plants and a sincerely healthy respect for our natural environment.

Below are YouTube links to some videos we have taken at the RV park, or around the Rio Grande Valley, most with a nature theme. The most recent videos will be the top links.

Butterfly Garden Built!

Christmas at Oleander Acres.

Thanksgiving feast at Oleander Acres RV Resort, Mission, TX

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Some guests even share the love on YouTube.