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Oleander Acres RV Resort

Inexpensive Alternative to Hotels

Do you want to enjoy the rare beauty of the Rio Grande Valley in a lush RV Resort enviroment? But you forgot your RV? We've got you covered at Oleander Acres RV Resort.

If you aren't an RV'er, you might consider renting a park model home as an alternative to expensive condos or hotels. Besides saving money, you'll enjoy a country atmosphere and can make friends with your neighbors. That's not usually the case in a condo.

Some of our longtime RV guests wouldn't think of spending a winter anywhere else but the Rio Grande Valley. But they didn't feel up to the long drive here. So we bought these parkmodels to help them enjoy winters here again.

Rates: Daily - from $50. Generous long-term discounts.

Fully Furnished Park Model Rentals In The Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Lot 156
Trailer rental at Oleander Acres
Lot 217
Nice park model with porch for rent in Mission, TX Lot 77
Standard park model for rent, Mission, TX
Park model with bay window Lot 83

Travel trailer with roof for rent Lot 87
Cougar trailer for rent Lot 114
Travel trailer with pad for rent Lot 116
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Don't feel like driving down?

We've got you covered like a warm blanket of southern hospitality. Choose from several fully-furnished park models for rent.

Click/Tap for year-round rentals

Park model rentals, Oleander Acres RV Resort, Mission, TX

Some guests even share the love on YouTube.